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Align your employees to your strategy now

Intec Group really believes in its promise to its customers, "Success through business innovation." Striving for innovation within their own organisation, they migrated from a manual appraisal process and implementing an automated, online Performance Management solution. This lead to improving communication and transparency throughout the organisation, resulting in a higher employee development and in turn, retention. “Every employee of Intec Group has clearly defined job roles, with clearly defined competencies and measures which are aligned to organisational strategy.” – Sharon McMurray, Human Resources Manager. Get the Case Study here.

Westfield NZ boost employee alignment: a case study

Westfield New Zealand partnered with PeopleStreme in 2009 to implement a Human Capital Management System, supporting their performance reviews, employee feedback and management visibility among other things.   Through their Performance Management system, Westfield NZ employees were able to align their personal objectives to the goals of the business; “Embedding the system into the working culture at Westfield has most certainly proven to improve employee alignment and focus, whilst also improving organisation wide visibility and reporting.” With these business benefits of moving from a paper-based appraisal process to an online performance management solution already apparent, Westfield NZ sought to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the system over time.  Request the full case study here.  

PeopleStreme releases Sydney Water case study on WelcomeStreme - Employee Induction and Compliance

PeopleStreme has released a human capital case study from Sydney Water on WelcomeStreme. WelcomeStreme is an onboarding portal providing new-hires with the necessary tools to succeed in their new position, to ensure their retention and therefore decrease new-hire time to productivity. It also helps ensure sign off and compliance with policies. WelcomeStreme eliminates the reliance on paper documents and overloading new-hires with too much information. It allows the new-hire to access information when they need it, placing critical documents at their fingertips, before their first day at Sydney Water.

PeopleStreme acknowledged on day of 10th Anniversay as 2011 HCM Cool Vendor by Gartner Research !

In a case of synchronicity, PeopleStreme's Tenth Birthday celebrations have coincided with the recognition of PeopleStreme by global IT research firm, Gartner Research in the "Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management, 2011" report. The company is now the dominant vendor for Performance and Talent Management systems in Australia, frequently competing and winning business against US and European vendors. "We have been successful because of all of you." remarked Peter Vlant, COO, in front of dedicated staff, before cutting the celebratory blue birthday cake. PeopleStreme's first client was signed in 2003 and still supports the company. Brand loyalty has been very high from client organisations whose people practices match their rhetoric. PeopleStreme's demonstration to Gartner included 10 out of a total suite of 22 HCM software modules in the company's Strategic Roadmap. "It is very hard for most analysts to categorise us given both the depth and breadth of our offering in HCM." suggested Lyle Potgieter, PeopleStreme's CEO. "When our executive and management workshops are delivered, most participants realise things are about to change for the better, as their employer is now taking HCM seriously, not just providing lip service." he added. PeopleStreme now sees itself as a global thought leader, demonstrated by having developed 22 software modules in it's integrated Technology Roadmap. Chief Technologist, Dale Smalley commented. "The fact that we are not based in the US or Europe does not mean that we can't lead the world in HCM innovation. We have an aggressive research and development team and conduct world leading research. We expect this to continue for the foreseeable future." he added. Smalley and other key staff have been with PeopleStreme since inception. Gartner recognised this ongoing investment in innovation by recognising PeopleStreme as a Cool Vendor. "In Australia, you need to manage people better because you are in a smaller economy with almost full employment. It's manage them or lose them." concluded Potgieter.