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The demand for eLearning management and learning management systems over the past few years has grown substantially in the education sector. In 2009 there was an increase of 10% in students undertaking their studies using an online elearning system. According to independant research, 1 in 5 American students are now enrolled in elearning classes at University. We have noticed recent demand for eLearning management has increased dramatically.

What are the benefits of eLearning management and why is it becoming so popular?

People want to learn at their own pace - eLearning allows for people to take their time, absorb all the information at their own pace and finish the course when they feel they are ready. Therefore less stress and pressure in comparison to a formal course.

Lowered Costs / Eco Friendly - Organisations with eLearning management solutions save thousands in trainer costs, travel time and facility hire which is also extremely eco friendly.

Productivity increases - eLearners learn on the fly, and are still at work on their computers (not off site at a training venue) so if something comes up its easy just to pause their training and deal with the problems at hand, then finish the course off later.

Streamlining the Learning and Development Process - it is much easier for a user to select a course they are interested in which is then automatically recorded in the LMS system. Learning and Development Managers then have access to a full range of real time reporting on the courses, there is no hassle with the stressful management of the courses and chasing up the learners.

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