PeopleStreme Climate Survey is online software to help you conduct a quick 'pulse check' about what people inside your organisation are feeling or how customer engagement is impacting your business. The Climate Survey can be quickly created and distributed and the results are immediately available for analysis. PeopleStreme Climate Survey software is a simple web based survey or questionnaire tool that allows non-expert users to create quick surveys or questionnaires, invite staff or customers to respond and immediately analyse the responses as they come in.

Surveys can contain any combination of Multiple Choice, Yes/No, True/False or Free Text questions.

Results for Multiple Choice, Yes/No and True/False questions are displayed as Bar Graphs. Statistics such as numbers of responses, average scores and section averages are also generated automatically.

Free text responses are collated into question sequence, with individual responses separated into paragraphs.

Surveys can be optionally set as “anonymous”, where respondent details are not captured.

Climate Survey is a very quick and simple tool which allows you to keep in touch with your staff or customers.


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