What Does PeopleStreme Do ?

PeopleStreme specialises in all facets of Human Capital Management systems. We understand them, know how to implement successful systems and know what makes Performance and Talent Management software successful and what does not. Our goal is to help you to attain the best workforce outcomes possible through software solutions, employee and management training.

Who are Our Clients ?

Our client list reads like a who's who of Australian, national and global organisations, including Government and Not-For-Profit. Our clients include McDonald's, Mercedes Benz, Fuji Xerox, Astra Zeneca, Westfield, Newcrest Mining, BaptCare, Movember, Brennan IT, Staging Connections, MTC, City of Geraldton, South Australian Tourism, Zoos Victoria and many others. We have experience in and work across all industry sectors.

With thousands of users and 100 man years of experience in Human Capital Management Systems, we have the ability to clearly advise, consult, train and implement all components of your requirements.

Technology Roadmap - Software When You Need It

Since 2002 we have continually added new functions to our suite of software. PeopleStreme has become a "one stop shop" with respect to Human Capital Management systems. We now offer twenty two separate software modules, to suit every organisation and business context, industry and Government.

Rather than dealing with vendor turf wars, you are able to add Human Capital modules if and when you need them, as your business grows and evolves. We have seen many failed implementations where vendors are unable to integrate their systems and get them talking to each other. The customer always loses out. With PeopleStreme, you are able to choose a solution today and have many options for the future, with minimal change to your existing systems and minimal re-training. This also helps minimise costs to change and to add on new modules.

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Local Capability and Support

Tired of waiting up till all hours to talk to a support centre in Asia or Europe ? Fed up with having to wait 2 weeks every time you need a minor configuration change ? Most foreign vendors only provide a sales office in Australia, with support and deployment functions being mainly conducted from their home country. PeopleStreme writes and owns our own software and provides support right across Australia and New Zealand, in our own time zone.

Our understanding of local business conditions and employment law gives us a distinct edge. Has a US vendor ever tried discussing "compensation" with you ? Did they explain what they meant, exactly ?

Our Guaranteed Deployment Program means that if we agreed to do something in a proposal, that's exactly what we will do. If you need something changed at the last minute, help is only a phone call away.

No delays, no call centres and no chain of command several layers deep. Our decision makers all operate on the front line, to provide you with first class and timely service.

We Re-Train the Managers and HR Department

Employees leave managers, not organisations about 50% of the time. For Human Capital projects to succeed, we believe it is crucial to train line managers in how to better manage their teams, not just how to use our software. We provide the training necessary for employees, managers and executives to learn how to create a performance oriented culture. This is not software training (which we also provide). Our consulting and training skills extend to strategy mapping and alignment consulting for executives and managers teams. We teach them how to set meaningful goals, measures and objectives for their teams.

We Do our own Research

PeopleStreme is the primary sponsor of the Performance Management institute of Australia www.pmia.org.au and conducts it's own research rather than relying on overseas studies or limited studies in the Australian HR industry. During 2007 we are sponsoring a joint study of Performance Management with RMIT and La Trobe University.

We have Built our own Organisations

The personal experience of our principals has been invaluable. They have been leaders for and built organisations with hundreds of staff and have seen HR challenges first hand - employee engagement, employee retention, performance appraisal, competency library frameworks and so on. Plus, we have dealt with literally hundreds of business and government clients and understand the different organisation drivers of each.

We Help With The Business Case

The HR department now has the lowest level of discretionary spending but this is all changing. We help the business leader understand than an investment in their people is able to be returned tenfold in a very short time. This helps us to help you get access to the funding you need to make your Human Resources project a success.

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Guaranteed Deployment Program.

Our Guaranteed Deployment Program guarantees our customers get what they asked for. PeopleStreme employs professional project managers who have rolled out multi-million dollar projects as well as small projects. These skills are not taught in Human Resources colleges and, therefore, we partner with HR professionals by providing our own Project Management team, deployment and change management specialists.

We Partner the HR Department

After years of cost cutting, todays Human Resources department is stretched to the limit. Between dealing with payroll, recruitment issues and putting out industrial relations fires, Human Resources professionals have little time to be pro-active in helping the organisation achieve maximum value and engagement from its Human Capital and HR systems.

We understand that all organisations are unique and that it is this uniqueness which makes them special. This is why we have built our Human Resources Software as a range of twenty two (22) separate modules which our clients can cherry pick to suit their own needs. While we have completed approximately 200 client projects and have seen the best in the world, we are happy to make changes where the client's own process can be better followed by doing so.

Why Choose PeopleStreme ?

With record low unemployment and a generational shift in the workforce, many Human Resources professionals find it difficult to also cope with the introduction of new technology and this is where PeopleStreme has built an extraordinary reputation. PeopleStreme understands what is needed to really make a Human Capital initiative work. We have a near 100% relicence rate and a significant amount of our work is through referral.

We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Canberra, Houston, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, London.

Results are no mistake, they are derived from excellence in managing the asset that has the most to potential to deliver for you, people.

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