PeopleStreme Employee Engagement V3 is an online Employee Engagement survey tool to help organizations diagnose employee engagement, understand the factors contributing to positive or negative engagement and then address these factors.

PeopleStreme Employee Engagement surveys are different to other providers because:

  • The results are reported immediately, submitted today means reported today. As soon as a survey is completed, the results are available in the Dashboard Reports.
  • Over 2500 different reports are provided instantly
  • Our engagement software provides instant export of survey results to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
  • We include a KnowledgeBase of potential Engagement Remedies
  • We provide our Employee Engagement Planning tool.
  • We provide the capability to correlate other business metrics with Employee Engagement. For example, you can compare employee engagement scores with employee turnover, absenteeism, profitability or other metrics to provide management with a clear picture of the importance of employee engagement.

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Other Key Functional Advantages

  • Benchmarked Results - PeopleStreme provide Benchmarks for comparison purposes.
  • Employee Engagement Remedies - Employee Engagement Remedies and online Remedy planning are provided as part of the Survey tool. Engagement Remedies are suggested by our KnowledgeBase tool.
  • In the Cloud - PeopleStreme Employee Engagement Surveys are hosted globally by PeopleStreme in our data centres and completed electronically via the Internet. If you have employees that do not have access to a computer, talk to us about manual data entry options.
  • Multi Language Consolidation - Global capability, you tell us the languages, we configure to suit.
  • Custom Questions - In addition to the standard Employee Engagmeent questions, you can create customized questions that are specific to your organization.

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