PeopleStreme provides Performance Management software to give you instant reporting on your employee performance management process. Whether you are managing performance development, or strategic alignment and goal setting, our performance management software helps align your employees with the plan and drive performance improvement. The system supports reviews and key performance indicators with full reporting visibility through our manager dashboard.

Goal Setting and Objective Alignment

Goal Setting and Objective Alignment helps your organisation achieve its strategic plan. You can use single or multi dimensional scorecards (including the Balanced Scorecard)depending on the sophistication of your managers and employees. Staff goal setting can be established by using a scorecard framework.

Cascade Goals

PeopleStreme Performance Management allows you to conduct cascaded Goal Setting for KPI's or Objectives. This enables your managers to Align employees to the goals, objectives or KPI's your organisation needs to achieve. Managers have instant reporting and clear Line of Site of their entire teams Objectives.

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Performance Management Concept Video

Key Performance Indicators