PeopleStreme Talent Management software enables the organisation to conduct comprehensive Talent Management and talent identification processes as well as Talent Day profiling. PeopleStreme Talent Management software can be used for all occupational levels and roles and includes Career Pathing to help you develop sustainable employee engagement and retention plans, thereby reducing the need for additional recruitment. An integrated Talent Profiling feature is included as is an easy to use Talent Day tool.

Career Aspirations

PeopleStreme Talent Management software helps drive Employee Engagement because employees are provided with a comprehensive Career Planning system that enables them to define career pathing, plan career development and make the organisation aware of their career intentions.

Talent Profiling and Deep Talent Pool Search

Talent Management

Every Employee can create a Talent Profile. These Talent profiles provide the data for Deep Talent Pool Search capabilities. For example, who can speak French, has worked on cost containment projects and is available to transfer interstate ? Deep Talent Pool Search drives back-fill succession planning, rapid project and virtual team assembly and powers employee opportunities within the organisation.

Employee Flight Risk

PeopleStreme Talent Management and Flight Risk

Are you at risk of losing key employees, what is their "Flight Risk" ? . Which roles are most at risk ? What bench strength do you have for these roles ? Our Exit Survey module helps with estimating the most at-risk employees

Employee Retention

PeopleStreme Talent Bench Strength

Do you have a retention plan for critical roles that are high flight risk ? How will you deal with a situation that requires rapid replacement of critical roles ? PeopleStreme Talent management provides for full Employee Retention planning. Our Employee Recognition and Reward module supports the retention process.

Grow and Recruit from within

PeopleStreme Talent Bench Strength

PeopleStreme Talent Management enables you to grow your Talent Capability  from within and enables you to recruit from within. Fulfill the promise to your employees, Find Your People, Know your People.

     Talent Profiling