Workforce Forecasting provides organisations with a plan to address their strategic Human Capital requirements. PeopleStreme Workforce Forecasting is a tool to enable a workforce planner to work with line management and build a workforce forecast plan for each department These plans can then be automatically consolidated into an organisation wide workforce planning strategy. These Workforce plans are used for:

  1. Workforce Gap assessments - where are we going to be short of Human Capital ?
  2. Risks affecting the organisations Human Capital
  3. Recruitment - what should we be recruiting now to fill the short terms gaps ?
  4. Development – what and who should be developed to fill gaps ?
  5. Strategy – how we go about these activities for each department ?


PeopleStreme Workforce Forecasting Module has the following features:

  • Payroll Import.
    PeopleStreme Workforce Planning can import your payroll data. This means your demographics are automatically populated as well as you organisation hierarchy.
  • Forecast – By Scenario by Department by Year.
    Workforce Planners can create a plan for different Scenarios, for each year for each Department. For example, you can conduct a Business as Usual forecast as well as a Grow by 30% forecast.
  • Workforce Strategy – By Scenario by Department by Year.
    Once the forecast is complete, HR can then complete the Strategy in consultation with the line manager. The Strategy details how we are going to address the forecast taking into account various factors.
  • Sophisticated live Reporting.
    The system produces graphical reports for each department as well as a consolidated organisation wide report. Reports can be exported to Word or PDF documents.

Advantages over manual methods:

  • Visibility of up and coming Workforce shortages so that you can plan and address these issues.
  • Sustainable method of workforce planning. All your data is in one location, you will not be trying to find Spreadsheet files next year.
  • Built to encourage high involvement by line management, this helps line management buy in to help deliver the workforce strategy.
  • Quick to deploy. No more sitting around trying to design spreadsheets.
  • Hosted by us, accessible anywhere where you have internet access.

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