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Every organisation suffers their own unique problems, but there are some major issues that plague all companies, regardless of the industry they're in.

Every organisation suffers their own unique problems, but there are some major issues that plague all companies, regardless of the industry they're in.

Costly turnover, low productivity, loss of top talent are all symptoms of misunderstanding the integral role employees play in business success.

Incredibly, these major issues are largely unknown or misunderstood and are, as a result, often ignored or put in the 'too hard' basket...

Picture this scenario

Let's imagine that your bike's tyre kept deflating on you.

You'd look for the cause and quickly patch it back up so you can get to where you're going, right? There's simply no way you'd ride around on a flat tyre — it's incredibly inefficient and it takes too long to get anywhere!

Well, now imagine that the destination is your business & financial outcomes, the tyre is your organisation and the escaping air is your staff turnoverproductivity and employee engagement.

If you knew employee issues were costly you hundreds of thousands, you'd be looking for quick-smart solutions.

So why are so many organisations ignoring these issues?

The answer: organisations either don't know they have these problems or if they do see a problem, they're not sure how to tackle it effectively.

With any big decision, you need data to back it up. Executives don't make decisions on gut feel and rightly so.

Luckily though, there are decision-making tools available that give organisations deep insight into their people and allows them to tie productivity, engagement, extra discretionary effort, retention, and so on, back to organisational strategic goals and financial outcomes.

Once an organisation unlocks their hidden data, the initial reaction is:

"I can't believe how we were operating without this information..."

Unconvinced? Well that's OK, most are, initially.

Uninterested? Well, you'll inevitably get left behind.

But if you're one of the few organisations that are placing the same emphasis on your greatest asset (your employees), as you do with your finances, I applaud you.

My colleagues and I have recently put together a handy HR System Buyer's Guide to help organisations make an educated choice when purchasing powerful decision making tools like Performance ManagementLearning & Development and Employee Engagement Surveys.

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