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We recently conducted a survey around people management practices in Information Technology. The findings reveal important insights into the I.T Sector.

The National Information Technology Survey | 2017/18

Information Technology is on the cusp of becoming a candidate driven market again. As with the boom times of Y2K and pre GFC times, the industry is now swinging toward a highly competitive market for quality talent. It’s clear that there are certain issues the industry is facing as a whole.

We recently conducted a survey revolving around people management practices in the Information Technology industry. We have collated the data and the findings reveal important insights into how human capital is leveraged.

We focused on 4 key factors: 

  • Employee Turnover
  • OnBoarding
  • Average Tenure
  • Performance Management

Here's what we uncovered! We are also running a webinar where we delve deeper into the results and what they mean for your organisation! Be sure to register so you don't miss out.

The PeopleStreme Information Technology HR Industry Stats 2017 / 2018

What are you thoughts on these trends? Are you experiencing similar issues?

Be sure to attend our I.T webinars as we discuss how these HR processes are affecting your company's performance, and how you can improve your ROI through human capital!

You can also check out our I.T industry page here.

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