Isuzu COO sees eCommerce as the real road transport revolution

Are Self-Driving Trucks the next big disruptor? Phil Taylor doesn't think so.

Isuzu Australia's director and Chief Operator Officer Phil Taylor believes eCommerce is a much more immediate challenge to transport & logistics than automation.

Amidst the media focus on the rise and rise of transport automation, Phil Taylor is a clear voice of reason.

Self Driving Trucks
Are Self-Driving Trucks the next big disruptor? Phil Taylor doesn't think so.

As Isuzu Australia’s COO he has a holistic view of the industry and points out that the key force for change now is the rise of demand for transport as a B2C driven service rather than a traditional B2B function.

"In days past, the transport of goods was being carried out primarily under the Business to Business (B2B) model and, as such, required a traditional, mass-scale transport solution, but with Australians currently spending more than $21 billion dollars online per annum, the game has changed." — Phil Taylor.

With the $21 Billion spend in online retailing, the challenge for transport companies is managing the demand for delivery to home or office. 

His observations are quite insightful, even down to the point that a consumer’s perception of the human face of the retailer is very closely linked to the demeanour of the driver that hands them the package.

"The companies that flourish in the current climate aren’t just the ones that have the right processes in place," Taylor says, "but also the right people representing their brand," Taylor says.

His perspectives of the future challenges and opportunities facing the Transport Industry are well worth a closer look:

Leon McCormack
HCM, Transport and Logistics Specialist

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