Top 5 HR Challenges & How to Fix them!

From Performance to Learning & Development, these are the HR challenges that are holding organisations back from true success!

1. Too much paper, not enough time!

Do you find that you’re stuck dealing with piles of paperwork, you are inputting data by hand and having a number of manual tasks to do when it comes to recruiting, performance and learning? Don’t worry, you are not the only one in HR to be met with this challenge. The time you use to complete these manual tasks, means less time focusing on legal issues, enforcing company policies and driving new business strategies.

Solution: Implement HR software that can automate those arduous and repetitive tasks. We’re not saying having a HR system will solve all your problems, but it will definitely help with those manual paper-based processes that keep eating away at your time.

2. High Employee Turnover

The term Employee Engagement is becoming an increasingly important trend of late and there’s a good reason. Low employee engagement can be a killer for an organisation looking to grow and prosper. You will find the reason for such a high turnover rate has something to do with how engaged your employees are.

Did you know a whopping 85% of employee’s worldwide are disengaged? Only 15% are engaged and derive fulfillment from their work (Source: Global Productivity Hinges on Human Capital Development, Gallup).

Solution: Ditch your annual appraisal reviews and start doing regular one on one catch ups. These meetings are regular, short, private time slots when a manager and team member get together and collaborate on exciting and important big picture tasks, such as an employee's KPI's or the manager's objectives that require their direct reports help with. You will soon find that with regular feedback and support, your employee’s engagement will go through the roof!

3. No Culture of Continuous Learning

You know what else increases employee engagement? The continuous development of your employees! Another reason why employees leave their job is because of the lack of development opportunities. Yes, training is the golden draw card for keeping employees stimulated, engaged and loyal.

Solution: Invest in a Learning Management System! With an LMS you can upload a plethora of elearning courses, where employees can do them online at a time that suits them. 

No longer do you need to spend thousands on face to face learning!

An LMS means having one central location for all learning content, with the ability to track and report on learner progress and performance. This will reduce your training costs, and keeps organisations up to date with compliance regulations.

4. Recruiting Top Talent, then Retaining Them

Recruiting talent is a huge investment of time and money. 

The average cost per hire is $5000. This includes direct costs of hiring, which equates to the time lost to fill the position, training and lost promotional potential. 

Additionally, competition for talented employees is fierce and if you can’t retain them, the expense is not cheap and this could have detrimental effects on your business growth.

Solution: Focus on the Employee Experience, especially in the recruitment and onboarding stages. If you create an employee experience that’s better than the competition, there's a less likely chance that your top talent would leave for a competitor. For example, ensure during the recruitment stage you are getting back to candidates in a timely manner, have an accurate position description and are prepared for your job interviews.

When it comes to onboarding, ensure when a new hire starts their desk and computer is all set up, take them out for lunch and introduce them to fellow employees. You can also use an onboarding system that captures your new hires details before they even start work and has information on who they report to and where to go on the first day. Small details end up making a big impression!

5. No Data & Reporting

With the amount of data that comes through to the HR department these days, it’s virtually impossible for any person - or group of people - to process everything. This means valuable information is constantly being overlooked or misplaced. It's also a problem when the executive team is asking you for reports, but you don’t have the tools to collect and interpret the data. Don’t worry, this is a common challenge in HR.

Solution: Why would you create your own graphs, manually input numbers, when a HR system can do that for you? The Data is synthesised and analysed in powerful ways that allow you to obtain more accurate insights and make strategic decisions. If you want to see how many of your managers have completed their performance reviews, or what your employee turnover is, it should be as simple as clicking a button.

What are the next steps?

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Are there any other HR challenges that you can think of? Tell us in the comments below and how do you go about resolving them?

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