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How Aurrum accelerated their HR processes

Accelerating HR practices with little process change

Aurrum is one of Australia’s leading residential aged care providers with a portfolio of approximately 1,000 operating and development places in Victoria and New South Wales.

Aurrum’s operating model is built on a philosophy of delivering clinical care excellence to residents whilst offering premium quality accommodation, lifestyle and dining experiences. We caught up with Angy Dinevska, HR Director at Aurrum to find out what they set out to achieve by partnering with PeopleStreme.

What were the business problems you were seeking to solve through implementing our Performance Management, eRecruitment and WelcomeStreme modules?

Our aim was to create a streamlined, efficient and repeatable recruitmentonboarding and performance management process that was easy and fun for the business to work with. We had a goal of providing employees and candidates with a great experience by being part of Aurrum. All the modules we have implemented have fast tracked our ability to achieve our goals.

The Performance Management module has enabled us to reach through to all of our employees in every location and position and ensure that everyone in our Company is aligned to our overall strategy and direction. We are quickly able to check in at any time on how people are tracking against this and be confident our employees are engaged in our business goals.The performance management module empowers our people with an easy view on where their employees are sitting in relation to meeting the objectives set out and be able to proactively manage our workforce and performance. We are easily able to identify internal talent and have robust conversations about our employee’s development and growth.

The eRecruitment module efficiently assists our teams in managing our bulk recruitment projects as well as niche roles. A view of applicants across the different roles and locations enables managers to be more sophisticated and efficient in screening candidates. The mobile enabled technology is fantastic in providing a good candidate experience and manager overview of candidates anytime, anywhere.

We can now track people through the different stages of recruitment process, build pipelines for critical roles and measure how we are doing through the reporting and metrics. It has improved business performance in delivering a focus on proactive recruitment strategies and engaging with our future employees with ease.

What would have been the downside or risk if Aurrum continued without this solution?

We wouldn’t have oversight of our employee processes in a...

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Industry: Aged Care

Challenge: Strategic alignment & poor recruitment process

Solution: Performance Management, eRecruitment and WelcomeStreme modules

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