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Bartier Perry

See how HR technology increased performance & achieved bottom line results for Bartier Perry

How technology and performance achieves bottom line results

Bartier Perry Lawyers is a Sydney Based law firm providing a wide variety of legal advice from administrative law, taxation to work health & safety.

Bartier Perry prides itself on providing a strategic approach to legal advice focusing on getting the best commercial and legal outcome for their clients.

We caught up with HR Manager Nadine Cooper to find out what they set out to achieve by partnering with PeopleStreme.

Their issue:

Bartier Perry found challenges within their current performance management process, where there was limited visibility of employee performance, with no indication of how well employee’s were aligned to Bartier Perry’s strategic objectives.

Bartier Perry also found they were not acquiring valuable feedback from their own employees, which meant they had no visibility of how engaged and productive employees were.

Our solution:

Bartier Perry have implemented PeopleStreme’s Performance Management and Engagement Survey modules to improve overall visibility and management of staff.

"We needed to reinvent our performance management process and this needed to be supported by a platform that could be automated, and that's where PeopleStreme came in." - Nadine Cooper, HR Manager, Bartier Perry
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