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The Capricornian

Streamline training with Peoplestreme's Learning & Development system

Streamline your Training Processes

‍Capricornian is a community owned credit union dedicated to offering customers a full range of flexible and competitive financial products and services. With being the only local customer owned institution in Central Queesnland, Capricornian have sought to ensure their employees have been well trained in order to create a competent and high performing work culture and environment, through the introduction of PeopleStreme’s online based HR software.

Capricornian have been using PeopleStreme’s Learning & Development module, with plans to implement Performance Management. This has allowed for a more linear tracking system for Capricornian staff whereby training can be easily scheduled, accessed, monitored and completed.

"We wanted something that was easy to use and it was able to show our training obligations in a clear and concise manner, that’s what PeopleSteme does." - Amanda Taylor, Training Officer, Capricornian
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