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Carnival Australia

How Carnival Australia saw positive results from automating and linking their performance and learning in one HR system

Carnival Australia reveals the key to enhancing the Employee Experience

Carnival Australia operates as a 'House of Brands' comprising the world's leading cruise lines. We caught up with Cecile Garderes, People & Performance Director at Carnival Australia to discuss why they decided to automate their performance management with PeopleStreme.  

"We find that focus is really around the great conversations that the manager and employee can have about performance and achieving success for the business. That's where we got the biggest richness out of the tool" Cecile Garderes, People and Performance Director, Carnival Australia.

How Carnival Australia can track and manage their employees' Learning and Development

Due to Carnival Australia’s continued growth, their current paper-based process for their learning provided no added benefits to the employee experience. Carnival Australia had been using PeopleStreme’s performance management system for a number of years and by implementing PeopleStreme’s learning & development module, not only is the process now online but it can seamlessly link to their performance. 

"The LMS module has been amazing for us, because we really needed that seamless link between our employee performance gaps and needs to their development activities, and this module has really helped us with that" Cecile Garderes, People and Performance Director, Carnival Australia.

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