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Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCIWA)

CCIWA increases engagement through employee performance

Online Performance Management Increases Engagement

“There is a clear link between employee engagement and performance outcomes, engaged employees that are aligned to clearly define key objectives are more productive.”

The Client

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Western Australia (Inc) is a not-for-profit, member organisation providing quality, cost- effective information, professional services and support for business.

More than 120 years of history has established CCI as one of the most influential and respected policy bodies in the country. CCI is home to one of Western Australia’s largest policy and advocacy teams outside of the government, and aims to make WA the most business friendly state in the nation. CCI achieves this by having a clearly defined companywide strategy aimed at specific achievable areas of the business including;

  • Developing and advocating policies that are good for business and in support of free enterprise;
  • Working closely with governments and other key decision makers across the country to achieve change; and
  • ‍Building local and national awareness of the issues and challenges facing Western Australia employers.

The CCI team works to create a better business environment for members, affording them access to dedicated and experienced industry professionals working in areas such as; business, education and training, Industrial relations and health and community. CCI also provides a range of products and services that make it easier to do business.

Achieving the business strategy is the key success factor for CCI. To do this, it is crucial that all employees are aligned with all aspects of the strategy, to understand the context that they operate and work in.

The Challenge

Transferring from a paper based performance appraisal system that was logistically very difficult for the business to administer and manage was perceived to be a time consuming and difficult task. However, the demand for an online Performance Management solution came from within the business, therefore delivering on this demand would be crucial in maintaining stakeholder satisfaction levels. This internal need for improved processes for performance management came about due to a number of driving factors.

While Performance Management had been identified as a factor in year on year engagement surveys across the business, a secondary factor was alignment which in turn impacts on engagement.

Keeley Hayward, General Manager Human Resources, CCIWA, explains;

“There is a clear link between employee engagement and performance outcomes, engaged employees that are aligned to clearly define key objectives are more productive.”

While moving to the online Performance Management solution and having the ability to directly align employees to strategy is crucial, having clearly defined objectives is also key.

“Having better clarity of objectives improves the understanding of employees for what is expected of them” - Keeley Hayward

The Solution

The intuitive PeopleStreme Performance Management system allows for employees to be able to login and perform a number of useful tasks including...

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