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Intec Group

Online Performance Management and Staff Retention

Online Performance Management and Staff Retention

The Client

Intec Group is an Australian organisation specialising in the provision of IT services throughout Australia and South East Asia.

It is their vision to be recognised as the premier provider of professional IT services. They deliver business-focused, progressive and tailored IT services in a spirit of leadership and trusted partnership.

Intec Group is solution-oriented and their services are offered to clients via their four practices:

  • ‍Consulting
  • Software Solutions
  • Specialist contract placement
  • Training

They provide support for clients across a number of industries including Mining, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Defence, Banking and Finance, State and Local Government and Education.

Organisations choose to work with Intec Group due to their strong relationships which are focussing on achieving their clients’ business outcomes, their large offering of IT services, their combination of experience and expertise across a range of disciplines.

They pride themselves on an outstanding track record of delivery and support of their client solutions.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing the PeopleStreme performance management system, Intec Group had a bi-annual, manual paper based system with low compliance of its internal staff performance management process. Every six months, the leaders reviewed a position tailored MS-Word template with their staff to track performance. Notes were hand written on the template and then entered into the document at a later stage.

There was an attempt to link the review to the previous capture six months before. This process did not provide coverage for any of their contractor workforce. This made it difficult to track the capabilities of the employees and contributed to a higher than average turnover of staff.

“By not having a Performance Management solution in place it leads to loss of good staff, poor succession planning, and knowledge leaves the organisation when staff leave” - Sharon McMurray, Human Resources Manager

The Objectives

This high level turnover rate, as well as the lack of visibility of the reasoning led to an imperative investigation into the acquisition of a tool that had the capability to manage this information and process.

The aim of implementing this automated performance management tool was to provide the business with a single centralised repository for:

  • ‍Competency Management
  • ‍Performance management
  • Learning (education and training)
  • Succession Management
  • Recruitment (hiring and recruitment)

This was seen to significantly improve the activity of...

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