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MB Century

Ahead of the competition with Performance Management and Learning & Development

An International Benchmark for Performance and Competency Management

At a Glance

Industry: Energy

Application: Performance Management, Strategy Alignment, Position Description, Competency Manager, Learning Management

The Client

MB Century is an international award winning organisation delivering continual innovation to the energy industry through a full range of geothermal and energy services across the extraction and power generation life cycle.

Head office is based in Taupo, New Zealand, with over 200 staff working on projects across the globe in locations including: Chile, Indonesia and the Philippines.

From a human capital perspective, MB Century is positioned as a great company to work for due to industry-leading career development opportunities, competitive remuneration and fair non-discriminatory workplaces. A high performance culture of personal ownership empowers all employees to understand and undertake an important role in the overall success of the company.

The Challenge

MB Century is a diverse organisation. Multiple paper based systems were used to capture and report on performance management activities. Complex processes evolved to manage the growing requirements and competencies for employees with assorted skills and expertise across multiple worksites globally. Operational efficiency was identified as a key challenge, highlighting the business need to amalgamate multiple databases and processes into one central source of truth.

An ever-changing regulatory environment with regards to health and safety put additional pressure on the company to ensure compliance of all employees with the prescribed standard of training and relevant competencies required by law to perform their jobs.

Achieving operational efficiency in performance and learning management to the benefit of the business, and to comply with regulations, fast became a real challenge for MB Century.

MB Century Chief Executive Marcel Manders explains;

“Reporting capabilities were pretty much non-existent... The process was cumbersome. We were spending more time trying to get information out of our system than we were trying to get information in.”

An honest appraisal of the current processes, systems and outputs utilised at MB Century resulted in the immediate need for a market scan in search for a solution that would meet the future needs of an ambitious company, determined to set up a framework for best practice performance, learning, and competency management of their greatest asset - their staff.

The Solution

MB Century has implemented PeopleStreme’s integrated Performance and Learning Management solution, utilising Position Description handler and Competency Management modules.

“We did an international search and PeopleStreme came in by far as being the best system that met our requirements” - Chief Executive, Marcel Manders.

Having a geographically dispersed staff base adds to the importance of quality...

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MB Century

Industry: Energy

Challenge: Complex Processes

Solution: Performance Management, Strategy Alignment, Learning & Competency Manager


New Zealand

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