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Should you buy or build your own Human Capital Management system?


The Client

Pepper is a diversified, independent global financial services business with specialist experience in their core disciplines of Lending, Advisory and Asset Management across the residential and commercial property sectors as well as consumer, auto and equipment finance.

Pepper recognises that their people are their most important asset and that a strong, productive culture is essential to their commercial success. Their values; integrity, teamwork, embrace change, first class service and strive for success, underpin their performance management and reward & recognition programs.

In recent years, Pepper has grown from a business of 60 employees based in Australia to a global organisation with a head count of over 1,000 across Australasia, Asia and Europe.

Sue Kent, Head of Human Resources for the Pepper Group, discusses the challenges of managing a globally expanding workforce and a maturing Human Capital Management strategy to support the organisation today and into the future.

The Challenge

The rapid growth of the business provided numerous challenges for the HR team at Pepper, the existing in-house, online performance appraisal system had been sufficient to a point but; in order to ensure the process remained effective across the expanding global workforce, it was decided that Pepper needed a more robust performance management process to provide consistency, visibility and alignment of individual objectives to organisational strategic objectives as well as an increase in the reporting capability.

“We realised the system we had didn’t have the capability to support the growth and we needed a more robust performance management process”. - Sue Kent, Global HR Director.

Pepper recognised that a comprehensive global Human Capital solution was required to allow them to manage employees across various regions and to ensure effective communication of the company’s strategic objectives and values. Despite the efforts of various HR and IT resources to enhance the existing in-house system, it was apparent it would not be sufficient to allow them to manage the function effectively.

“We realised that it was still just a performance appraisal tool and it wasn’t going to offer us that whole performance management process offering that we needed to bring to the business” - Sue Kent.

Sue further explains...

“Pepper required a system that could be implemented globally to offer visibility and consistency and allow staff to easily understand how their own individual objectives fit into the overall strategic objectives of the business”.

The Solution

Pepper investigated a number of external options in the hope of finding a system that would meet all of their needs...

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