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Queensland Country Bank

Ascender PeopleStreme's solutions have changed the way QCB manages their HR processes

QCB experiences the benefits of an all-in-one HCM solution

Ascender caught up with Rebecca Campbell, Head of Human Resources, to talk about how Ascender’s HCM solutions have changed the way QCB manages their HR processes.

Simply put, Queensland Country Bank and Queensland Country Health has a distinct purpose of helping all Queenslanders live better lives through better finances and better health.

Queensland Country Bank provides quality banking and insurance products to communities throughout all of Queensland – regardless of where they live, with an extensive network of full-service branches in all major Queensland centres including Brisbane, Cairns, Ipswich, Mackay and Townsville. Their full range of digital banking options, coupled with a Queensland based contact centre, allow them to offer Queenslanders a genuine and local banking alternative.

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Taking an honest and up-front approach to helping their members achieve their financial goals, Queensland Country Bank places people at the forefront of all activities, embedding a culture of transparency and trust throughout the entire organisation.

Queensland Country Bank’s emphasis on nurturing a supportive culture, means they must uphold a highly integrated and connected workplace environment that benefits employees and puts their needs first throughout their employment lifecycle. With employees based in...

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