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Effective strategic execution and employee collaboration in a disparate workforce

Effective strategic execution and employee collaboration in a disparate workforce

The Client

Community Mutual is a f inancial inst itution employing around 250 staff across 29 locations throughout regional New South Wales. They align themselves alongside smaller credit unions and mutuals, rather than the big banks, preferring to compete on community values and level of service as opposed to interest rates.

The strong relationships they foster with their members and customers are at the core of Community Mutual's ethos, which is a principle which extends to their employees also.

The Challenges

With a headquarters based in Armidale and dozens of other branches spread state-wide, Community Mutual faced delays and miscommunications in regards to internal messaging and direction. Michelle Hyde - HR Manager at Community Mutual explains:

“Our managers and employees were finding it difficult to find and collate information. They could not easily determine where the information was stored, who had access to it and found the process quite clunky“

Community Mutual also wanted to keep better track of their key performance indicators and to ensure any employee concerns or goal shortfalls were directed to the relevant manager on time, every time. Michelle thinks a performance management solution

“is critical to the long term success of Community Mutual. We need to ensure that we’ve got an engaged and high performing workforce that is aligned against our strategic plans.”


The first step for Community Mutual was to gain insight into...

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