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Global Employee Strategic Alignment

Global Employee Strategy Alignment

“The key to performance management for the business was to align all staff to the corporate strategy”

The Client

As marine risk management specialists, RightShip uses its growing influence to promote safety and efficiency in the global maritime industry. Formed in 2001, RightShip offers the commercial shipping industry a Ship Vetting Information System that is the most comprehensive, holistic, online risk management system in the world. RightShip has helped over 2000 users in more than 180 organisations worldwide manage their marine risk, including ship owners, operators, managers, charterers, insurers and ports.

Achieving the strategy is the key to RightShip’s continued success. Aiming to have all employees aligned to this strategy, and being focused on the delivery of results in their key areas, is the answer to achieving this strategy. The RightShip head office is in Melbourne Australia, with offices also in Houston USA and London UK.

The Challenge

Being a global business opens RightShip up to increased business opportunities, however, it also provides some limitations to the organisation from a Human Resources perspective. Whilst RightShip sits in a niche business market through their service offerings, their employees and potential employees are becoming more difficult to find and keep. Attracting and retaining staff in key roles is of increasing concern for RightShip, particularly in the modern climate.

Kate Kydd, Human Resource Manager, RightShip, explains

“prior to implementing PeopleStreme’s Performance Management solution, RightShip had a very manual paper based system that wasn’t fully embedded across the business and lacked rigor”.

Without having a clear business strategy, aligning staff to the same goals when they are geographically dispersed around the globe is challenging. With employees becoming absorbed in their daily work routine, having clear cut objectives that are tied to the organisations overall strategy was lacking. Kate further explains that

“the key to performance management for the business was to align all staff (where possible) to the corporate strategy through individual performance objectives; improve the quality of all performance objectives and to ensure that all incentives were reflective of not only company performance but individual performance”.

The Solution

The intuitive PeopleStreme Performance Management system allows for employees to easily perform a number of key tasks including...

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Industry: Marine Risk Management Services

Challenge: Limited Business Opportunities

Solution: Performance Management System


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