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SA Lotteries

Performance Management achieving 100% compliance & Strategic Alignment

Achieving 100% Compliance & Strategic Alignment

The Client

SA Lotteries was established in 1967 to benefit the South Australian community through the responsible promotion and conduct of lotteries. Today, SA Lotteries operates South Australia’s favourite lotteries games – Saturday X Lotto, Monday and Wednesday X Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, Keno, Instant Scratchies, Super 66 and The Pools. SA Lotteries returns approximately 97 cents in every dollar spent by players to the South Australian community, mainly via prizes to players and profits to hospitals.

Since 1967, SA Lotteries has paid more than $4 billion in prizes to South Australian players and has contributed more than $2.2 billion to State hospitals. For SA Lotteries to ensure continuous improvement, it is critical for its 84 employees to be aligned with its corporate strategies and core values of integrity, accountability and respect.

The Challenge

To replace a very manual and out dated paper based performance development system that proved very time consuming for all involved. Michele Mayger – Human Resource Manager, SA Lotteries, explains;

“The old performance development system did not allow for the visibility of our corporate strategies, leaving employees unclear on how their own KPI’s were critical to the business and was difficult to track when changes were made. With PeopleStreme what you see online is the only version of an employee’s performance development plan therefore eliminating the risk of multiple or out of date versions”.

While replacing or changing the current system from paper based to online was challenging, changing the associated culture around performance management, the purpose, the benefits and the process also needed to be addressed.

“The intent with the PeopleStreme system is to encourage regular open conversation, provide feedback on performance, develop a strong company-wide training plan and link all individual KPI’s to the overall business objectives – Michele Mayger.

The Solution

The intuitive PeopleStreme Performance Management system is an online solution that allows for employees to be able to login and perform a number of useful tasks including...

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