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The ROI of implementing an integrated Payroll/HRIS solution

The ROI of implementing an integrated Payroll/HRIS solution

The City of Tea Tree Gully council has partnered with Affinity and PeopleStreme to implement an integrated payroll/HRIS solution, Council Oneview. The council needed a solution to help reduce their costs, having previously struggled particularly with their labour expenses. As with most councils, they conducted an extensive selection process in search of such a solution including both payroll and HR functions.

"Direct cost reductions for this system alone are about $250,000 dollars a year, full implementation costs being included in that."- Ryan McMahon, Director of organisational services and excellence, City of Tea Tree Gully.

Tea Tree Gully are paving the way in modern people management

Tea Tree Gully have implemented the following Human Capital Management systems:

  • eRecruitment
  • OnBoarding
  • Engagement Survey
  • Performance Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Dynamic Org Charts
  • Clever Forms and Workflow
  • Compliance
  • HR Document Management
  • Labour Cost Control
  • Employee Self Service
  • Payroll & reporting
Tea Tree Gully HR Suite and Payroll system
Tea Tree Gully have implemented a full payroll solution, OnBoarding, Performance Management and Learning & Development systems.
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