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Driving high quality professional services with Performance Management

Driving high quality professional services with performance management

The Client

Tekspace is a privately owned, Australian based IT Services provider specialising in professional services with an increased focus on cloud-based solutions for their clients in the small to medium market.

Founded in 2006, Tekspace are guided by their core values and principals of passion, trust, accountability and ownership. Tekspace has a national presence with headquarters located in Melbourne.

The Challenge

As a growing business, it was becoming increasingly difficult to ensure that all staff was aligned to the company values and principals. This had the potential to impact on the extremely high standards of service that Tekspace had come to pride itself on. Frank De Pasquale, CEO of Tekspace explains:

“Ensuring strong alignment between the individual goals of our people and the overall goals of the organisation is a key factor in driving high levels of engagement and ensuring our staff continues to provide the highest quality service to our clients”

Tekspace determined that it was crucial for them to implement a process to help them to drive the highest level of quality for their professional services and ensure they maintain quality and consistency across their growing workforce. Beyond that, they also needed to make sure that the engagement of staff was maintained at its optimum and developmental needs of each individual could be identified and actioned.

The Solution

Frank and the team at Tekspace decided that...

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