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Our Sales Excellence Team will organise a Discovery Call to gain a deep understanding of your needs in order to deliver content that's perfectly tailored to fix you and your organisation.

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Our demonstration sessions use real-life examples of employee goals, plans and reviews to give you a tangible understanding of what PeopleStreme software can deliver for you and your organisation.

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We host our demos online and this means you can attend anywhere, at any time.

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Vanessa Porter - Staging Connections

"Your people will go from giving you 70 and 80% to giving you 120%. Those are the outcomes I’m seeing already with PeopleStreme"

Phil Williamson
Vanessa Porter - Staging Connections

"PeopleStreme has enabled us to move with the times and allow remote access - so whether you're on the road or with flexible work arrangements, you always have access to the system 24/7"

Simon Hoyle