Are you ready for mandatory Workforce Planning? 😕

Are your employees working on the right tasks? Do your employees know what the council plan is?

Event date:
April 19, 2018 11:00 AM
Webinar: Thursday 19th April 2018 at 11am AEDT

Mandatory Workforce Planning for Local Government

As you'd be aware, Councils are required to undertake workforce planning to support the achievement of their Delivery Program.

Your Workforce Management Strategy is a way to address the human resources required to achieve the activities identified in the Delivery Program.

The trick is it's mandatory and complex...

Your council’s workforce planning should consider the people, skills, experience and expertise that's required to implement your Delivery Program.

Our next webinar will help you address Workforce Management Strategy issues, such as:

  • Tackling an ageing workforce
  • Identifying a solid succession plan
  • Creating and retaining positions for local young people
  • Ways to become a council / employer of choice
  • Learning and development ideas
  • Performance management tips
  • and a whole lot more!

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