Client Webinar: Rethink your HR strategy to boost your organisation’s ROI

How can HR boost an organisation's ROI? It all starts with a solid HR strategy...

Event date:
September 25, 2018 11:00 AM
Tuesday September 25th at 11am AEST

Do you have a solid HR Strategy in place?

If so, does it help you manage your people effectively and achieve double digit growth?

A great HR Strategy includes:

  • Financial and commercial objectives.
  • A clear direction for the entire HR decision making process for Performance Management, Recruitment, Onboarding and more!
  • A defined framework for internal communication and acceptable behaviour.
  • Guidelines for encouraging favourable attitudes towards individual and company objectives.
Did you know that over 80% of organisations do not have an integrated approach to managing Human Capital.

Why you should attend this webinar:

  • We'll help you connect the HR strategy to the business strategy, plan and financial budgets.
  • You'll learn the 11 important factors you need in your HR Strategy.
  • We'll show you an example of a successful HR strategy!
  • Actionable next steps to create your own HR Strategy.
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