Client Webinar: The Value of One on Ones in Employee Productivity

Well, the short answer is yes, but let’s explore why...

Event date:
January 19, 2018 11:00 AM

Friday 27th April 2018, 11am AEDT

Client Webinar: The Value of One on Ones in Employee Productivity

Don't underestimate the value of one-on-one meetings

The One on One process contributes significantly to the growth of your people, which results in organisational growth.

This process is the most successful leadership strategy to build trust, increase loyalty and boost productivity — it changes the way your employees view their work, creating a sense of meaning in their jobs.

Some managers think having a One on One meeting once a week is too hard...

In our experience, it's because most don't get why they're supposed to be done or how to make sure they're beneficial.

Without a sense of purpose, you run the risk of your One on Ones becoming unstructured and loose, or seeing them as a waste of precious time.

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