Client Webinar: Upgrade to Version 8 and Never Need to Upgrade Again!

It is now possible to link every employee to strategic and operational plans. Join our webinar today to learn more about what our new V8 system upgrade means for you and your organisation.

Event date:
December 13, 2018 11:00 AM

Version 8 of PeopleStreme has just been released!

For over a decade and a half, our software has been supporting HR teams, managers, executives and employees all around the world. Our aim has always been to ensure staff are empowered to work smarter, not harder. With this focus in mind, we have completely redeveloped our HCM suite to champion a new era in people management.

What you'll learn if you attend:

1. What does the V8 system upgrade mean for you and your organisation?

2. What you can expect from the new system.

3. What is involved with upgrading?

Join us in this webinar to learn about how our new V8 system adds another level of stability towards your organisation and how it puts your users first, making your work easier than ever before.

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