Education Webinar: How to Drive High Performance through Effective One on Ones

In the education space brand reputation and compliance are important. Use our One on One method to reduce risk of non-compliance and reputational damage.

Event date:
April 30, 2019 11:00 AM

The HR space is evolving! There are new trends, new processes and new ways to manage Human Capital

Here's some facts you should know!

  • Human capital is 70% of organisation's cost, meaning their your greatest asset!
  • 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback weekly.
  • More than 50% of employees are digital natives
Manual processes are holding HR back. The typical annual appraisal process is not driving high performance!

What will be covered:

  • The past, present and future of human capital management in Australia.
  • Why do companies succeed using effective one on ones (examples).
  • How one on ones drive a high performing culture.
  • What should your next steps be to start moving to a one on one enabled organisation! 

Attend our webinar to join the HR revolution!

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