Health Care Webinar: How Can HR Contribute to Positive Patient Experiences

How HR can contribute to positive patient experiences by improving their Recruitment and Onboarding processes to enhance engagement and productivity in Australian hospitals.

Event date:
November 13, 2018 11:00 AM

What are the factors relating to positive and negative experiences of patients in Australian hospitals? How do we remedy their recruitment and onboarding processes to improve engagement and productivity?

As hospitals and health services operate full steam ahead, both employees and HR are being asked to do more work with fewer resources. So taking the time to review and digest feedback can be difficult. Patients are uniquely positioned to provide insightful comments about their care. Currently, a lack of comparable patient experience data prevents the emergence of a holistic picture of a patients’ experiences in Australian hospitals.

In a review conducted by the Sax Institute on behalf of the Australian Commission, evidence was taken from a decade of patient feedback, grey literature and 39 publications from both public and private hospitals across Australia. From the evidence gathered, several themes occurred that contributed to patient experiences.

Within the report, it was found that factors that contributed to positive care experiences in regards to Human Capital were:

  • Sufficient staff numbers;
  • Appropriate skill mix of staff; and
  • Well-trained staff.

What you'll learn if you attend:

  • What leads to positive experiences from a patient view?
  • Financial Drivers for onboarding in Healthcare.
  • Mistakes in business case preparation & how to build a business case.

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