Ratings or No Ratings for NFP Employees?

Should you be using ratings in your employee performance management process?

Event date:
October 10, 2018 11:00 AM
October 10th 2018 at 11am AEST

Should Not For Profits rate their employees' performance?

Have you ever read about a company getting rid of performance management ratings and wondered, “How do they identify and reward high performing employees without some method to rate people based on performance?”

Organisations that decided to ditch performance ratings, did so to reduce employee complaints. This decision has produced some interesting outcomes...

“Without the visible symbol of a rating, employees didn’t understand the processes or the philosophies behind them.”

This webinar will explore what happens when you do or don't implement ratings in your Performance Management process.

Topics we'll discuss:
  • Research into the current state of Australian productivity and profitability.
  • The Background, History and Goals for Performance Management.
  • What to consider when contemplating Ratings or no Ratings.
  • What all this means for you and your organisation.
Join our webinar to find out if you should be using ratings in your Non Profit organisation!
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