Client Webinar: Reinvigorate your Performance Process!

How to drive high performance and develop great employees through reinvigorating your current performance process!

Event date:
June 15, 2018 11:00 AM

Client Webinar: Reinvigorate your performance process! The new year is almost upon us

Client Webinar | June 15th 11am AEST

"Successful managers review performance at least monthly” — Lyle Potgieter, PeopleStreme CEO

If you're looking to create a high performing work culture, this is the webinar for you!

Performance Management vs Appraisals

You'll walk away knowing:...

  • The common challenges in reshaping your performance process and why you're getting pushback. (This is good for risk mitigation!) 
  • How to spark a culture shift! How can we get managers and employees on board?
  • How to utilise the system in the most efficient way to support continuous performance.
  • What we would recommend to do before the new year in terms of performance strategy.

Join us on this webinar to start reinvigorate your performance process before the new year!

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