Health Care Webinar: Why Automated OnBoarding is a must for Health Care

It's time to ditch manual processes when it comes to onboarding! Here's how to automate your onboarding process in Health Care.

Event date:
February 14, 2019 11:00 AM

Employer brands are defined by employee experiences, not marketing teams!

Too many times we see Health Care organisation's struggling with manual onboarding processes, which does not leave a good first impression for new employees. This leads to employee turnover and risk of reputational damage, which leads to extra cost (as seen in our diagram below). In this webinar, we're going to explore how you can begin to automate your onboarding process to achieve great results.

What you'll learn if you attend:

  • What's the difference between a good and bad OnBoarding experience (you'll be surprised by the results)
  • What impact can a poor onboarding experience have, not only on the employee, but on the organisation!
  • The best onboarding practices used by leaders in the Health Care industry.
Ineffective recruitment

Join our webinar to find out how to improve the OnBoarding experience in your Health Care organisation.

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