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Our all-in-one HR software suite supports you, your executives, managers and employees' performance and development.

Buying HR Software used to be hard work...

Choosing the right HRIS or HCM system for your organisation hasn't always been easy... until now!

In the Ultimate HCM Buyer's Guide, we explain what Human Capital Management really is, why organisations are buying it, and so much more!

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PeopleStreme’s Performance Management software on an iPad PeopleStreme’s eRecruitment software on an iPad PeopleStreme Performance Management software on a laptop

We make intuitive HR software that's people (not paper) focused.

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Available wherever your employees are

Got a disparate workforce? Not a problem! PeopleStreme solutions are available wherever your employees are.

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Configurable to suit your processes & branding

We like blue, but that might not be right for you... so we let you change colours, images, settings — whatever matches your organisation the best!

An all-in-one integrated HR suite.

Our suite of employee management systems all connect instantly, making light work of big data!

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One seamlessly integrated HR suite.

Our suite of people management systems all connect instantly, making light work of big data!

Everything you'll ever need, from hire to retire.

24 optimised Human Resources solutions! Click an icon below for more...

Hire (and keep) top talent more efficiently than ever before!

Recruit talented employees and get them productive ASAP!

Attracting and engaging new hires is now no longer a burden. Our solutions seamlessly integrate to create an enjoyable recruiting and onboarding experience – add to that: compliance forms, welcome videos, elearning courses, and helpful checklists – our systems accelerate performance results that truly matter to your business.

Manage, set plans, track progress & upskill your employees for success!

Our suite of online hiring solutions are intuitive and easy to use, which frees up your time so you can focus on what matters most: recruiting the best candidates! Plus, all PeopleStreme software is seamlessly integrated, so if you enter data once, it's instantly accessible across the entire suite.

Consistent, timely and accurate cloud-based payroll.

Using the latest in cloud technology, PeopleStreme delivers a complete payroll system as Software as a Service (SaaS) to meet the needs of all modern businesses around the world.

Designed with the needs of payroll professionals in mind, PeopleStreme has a clever single-source system for all your payroll administration needs. Advanced automation and workflow capabilities ensures compliant and error-free payroll processing. A modern payroll system that not only saves you processing time, but removes the need for multiple systems, generates reports with up-to-the-minute accuracy and offers mobile friendly self-service for employees and managers.

Moving your HR processes to an online platform means no heavy filing cabinets, time spent compiling spreadsheets or losing valuable paperwork!
How many times have vital employee documents, reports or payroll slips gone missing? When your organisation moves to the cloud, these problems disappear!
It's important for your employees to feel comfortable when getting used to new processes. We make it easy to use your logo, colours and messaging!
We have a local support team, who are always here to help. We pride ourselves on timely responsiveness, friendliness and our ability to help you achieve success.

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Phil Williamson
"Your people will go from giving you 70 and 80% to giving you 120%. Those are the outcomes I’m seeing already with PeopleStreme"
Phil Williamson
Human Resources Director
Simon Hoyle
"PeopleStreme has enabled us to move with the times and allow remote access - so whether you're on the road or with flexible work arrangements, you always have access to the system 24/7"
Simon Hoyle
‎Learning & Development Manager
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No matter your goals or size, we've got your needs in mind!
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Unlock the full potential of your workforce.

PeopleStreme helps you identify areas for improvement, the solutions to fix those problems and a future plan for success.

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  • Local support when you need it most.

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Imagine if your employees were 1%, or even 10%, more productive.

Now imagine the positive effect that would have on your team, managers, organisation, executives and customers... Here at PeopleStreme, we strongly believe that your people are the single greatest determinant of your organisation's success.

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