Employee Learning & Development System

Upskill and improve productivity, reduce costs, avoid legal fees and increase revenue!
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Branded learning experience

You can make sure your employees feel right at home in a system that has your logo, colours and images.

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Manage your learners

Managers can easily view all their team members and check up on how they’re progressing through their courses.

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Dashboard & Reports

The dashboard gives admins and managers access to crucial LMS data like enrolment status, course completion and due dates.

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Course Library Manager

Easily upload new courses, make your own or manage your existing ones easily with our course catalogue.

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Integrated Development Plan

Connect our Performance module to create a culture of continuous development and career growth.

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Deliver Formal Courses

Your employees can request, book, attend and rate formal courses all from the Learning & Development system.

Tested for ease of use
Intuitive navigation
Performance Management on an iPad
Phil Williamson
"Your people will go from giving you 70 and 80% to giving you 120%. Those are the outcomes I’m seeing already with PeopleStreme"
Phil Williamson
Human Resources Director
Simon Hoyle
"PeopleStreme has enabled us to move with the times and allow remote access - so whether you're on the road or with flexible work arrangements, you always have access to the system 24/7"
Simon Hoyle
‎Learning & Development Manager
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Learning and Development dashboard on an iPad

Learning & Development

PeopleStreme’s Learning & Development platform supports easy, automated delivery of all your online and formal training activities.
Icon Online Learning & Development
Online learning management
No more cumbersome paper or filing cabinets! Plus, higher completion rates.
Icon instant HR reporting
INSTANT REPORTING on learning progress
From individual to organisational level reporting, you now have visibility of everything.
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Configured to your requirements
eLearning course and platform matches your organisation process

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