SocialStreme Social HR Software

Build a culture of connectedness with a platform your employees will love!

SocialStreme Social HR Software

SocialStreme: connecting people grows your business

It's really easy to communicate through social networks like Facebook or Linkedin, right? Well, imagine if you could harness the power of this social technology and make it work for your business to boost engagement, productivity and collaboration?

Social HR, or as we call it SocialStreme, is an online interactive Intranet Message Board that connects all of your employees through our internal social media platform.

SocialStreme has a built-in messenger for individual or group messaging, a discussion forum to create a helpful knowledgebase, status updates for your employees to share the status of projects or achievements and a whole lot more.

Your people can share their goals with each other, get assistance on projects, promote company strategies, hire for new roles internally by leveraging existing talent, and more! 

It's designed to boost your organisation's employee engagement, development and help you build a stronger, more collaborative workforce!

Build a culture of connectedness with a platform your employees will love!

Staying in the loop adds meaning to work

SocialStreme has an interactive update feed where all new posts and announcements can be seen.

Each employee can have their 'finger on the pulse' of what's going on, contribute to discussions, and control what types of updates they want to see. In essence, SocialStreme can be personalised by each employee!

Staying in the loop adds meaning to work
Social Learning and Development

Social Learning and Development

As with any of our HR systems, your employees can leverage goals or data from one module and use it within another.

SocialStreme is no exception — if an employee has had great success with a new course, SocialStreme let's that employee share this good news with fellow colleagues who might also be interested in getting involved and upskill as well!

The system also enables HR to set up notifications that notify employees that new positions for courses or jobs are open. Internally recruiting like this is incredibly cost-efficient!

Social Collaboration for Projects

Social collaboration is a really effective to fast-track projects and add to induction or training.

Teams of employees can access a project file from wherever they are — which, I'm sure you'll agree, is pretty convenient — so things get done faster, with less ambiguity, more focus... and not to mention a big boost in interest and engagement!

Adding real-time collaboration makes projects seem easier and more fun, so employees are much more likely to be interested and actively engaged.

Social Collaboration for Projects
Announcements, groups, work events, photos and more!

Announcements, groups, work events, photos and more!

Don't miss important announcements! Set up notifications or add yourself to a group to get notified of important news.

At a fun corporate event? Got a poster you need other teams to share? Upload files quickly with the convenient bulk loader, like photos, and add comments.

Provide your workers with real time updates, smart following, notification settings, and company-wide announcements. You can schedule events, attach files, receive immediate feedback from your colleagues – all done within your own personalised SocialStreme wall.

Get help, recruit and succeed internally

With a social collaboration tool like this, you have a tonne of resources at your fingertips.

Get help achieving a goal, find technical support for a difficult project, or fill a vacant role with an existing team member who already understands how your organisation works.

Get help, recruit and succeed internally
Stay connected & boost engagement!

Stay connected & boost engagement!

Building a culture of connectedness results in:

  • Better communication individually and within specific groups.
  • Shared updates, collaboration on KPIs or important instructions.
  • Saved time through automation and communication.

Configured to suit you!

We know how important it is that your employees feel comfortable when things change, so we let you customise your new HR platform to match your colours, logo, rating scales, manager roles & more!

And yes, these changes are all easily managed by you and come standard with any PeopleStreme platform!

Custom branding for your HRIS System

Manage your employees the easy way.

All PeopleStreme HR software comes with the following benefits...

HR Help Desk Support
Support when you need it

All PeopleStreme help, support, project management and meetings all occur within your normal business hours.

Client Satisfaction
Client Satisfaction: 96%

We regularly survey our users on our Help Desk response, resolution times and general satisfaction with our products.

Customer Success
Customer Success

Our Customer Experience Team helps you get the very best out of your software and ultimately help your end users succeed.

HR Project Management
We own all our projects

We don't rely on 3rd Parties to deploy our software, we do it ourselves. Why? So you get the best possible outcome, every time.

Change Management
Change Management

Our Manager Workshops ensure your employees know the benefits of your project and how it will help them achieve greatness!

HR Administrator Training
Administrator Training

Our training is personally delivered by us and is guaranteed to get you up and running in half the time as the other vendors.

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