Workforce Planning Software

Make educated, long term decisions and plan for the future

Workforce Planning Software

Manage your workforce, the easy way

Executive leaders and HR Directors need on-demand access to workforce data that helps them make educated, long-term decisions. ​ PeopleStreme’s Workforce Planning is designed to do just that.

As a robust platform that ​can delve into specific facets of your organisation and ​offer forward-reaching, meaningful analysis, it’s also a predictive tool that organisations with the execution of future planning requirements. Instantly leverage all of your workforce data, demographics and organisation hierarchy across your other PeopleStreme HR systems, or upload employee info via a simple Payroll import.

Our Workforce Planning software comes standard with built-in modes for Business As Usual, Growth by Acquisition, Organic Growth, Workforce Forecasting, and Workforce Restructuring by 10-20-30%.

In Workforce Forecasting Mode, the PeopleStreme Workforce Planning system has the following features:

  • Forecast Scenario by Department — this allows HR managers to select the Scenario, year and Department they would like to plan for, then complete the plan for this Department
  • Workforce Forecast Strategy Scenario by Department — once this forecast is complete, HR can then complete the Strategy in consultation with line management ensuring the strategy is sound, can be completed and is realistic.

Restructuring Mode — in workforce restructuring Mode, the following tools are available:

  • Workforce Restructure (Scenario by Department). In this mode, the Workforce Planners can plan multiple restructure scenarios and model cost savings, organisation structure and risk factors.
  • Workforce Restructure Strategy (Scenario by Department). Once the restructure plan is complete, HR is then able to collaborate with the line managers to ensure the strategy change be realistically achieved and is of benefit to the organisation.
Make educated, long term decisions and plan for the future

Predict the future with Workforce Forecasting

Workforce Forecasting provides organisations with a plan to address their strategic Human Capital requirements. PeopleStreme’s Workforce Forecasting is a tool to enable a workforce planner to work with line management and build a workforce forecast plan for each department. These plans can then be automatically consolidated into an organisation wide workforce planning strategy.

These Workforce plans are used to identify Workforce Gap assessments (where are we falling short in Human Capital?), the risks affecting the organisation’s workforce, recruitment (who should we recruit to fill the short terms gaps?), development (what and who should be developed to fill skills gaps?) and how do we best achieve strategies within each department?

Predict the future with Workforce Forecasting
Forecasting mitigates risks and staff shortages

Forecasting mitigates risks and staff shortages

Workforce Planners can create a plan for different Scenarios, for each year for each Department. For example, you can conduct a Business as Usual forecast as well as a Grow by 30% forecast and compare the two outcomes for better results.

Once a forecast is complete, HR can then develop the Strategy in consultation with the line manager. The Strategy details how you plan to address the forecast taking into account various factors.

The Forecasting system produces graphical reports for each department as well as a consolidated organisation wide report. Reports can be exported to Word or PDF documents.

Trial future models with Workforce Restructuring

The Workforce Restructuring module enables organisations to plan their future Human Capital requirements. It’s a tool that enables a workforce planner to work more efficiently with line management to develop various restructure plans under different scenarios.

Workforce Planners can test out plans for different Scenarios, e.g. each year for each Department. Each Scenario details head count, dollar cost saving and provides both Department Summary and Organisational Summary Reports.

Trial future models with Workforce Restructuring
Implement and manage your Workforce Restructuring

Implement and manage your Workforce Restructuring

Once a restructure plan has been completed, the Status Panel will be updated to reflect your decisions. This then notifies the person in charge of the entire restructure what has been completed and what has not.

The Restructuring module also establishes potential risk factors for your restructure plan and therefore enables you to mitigate risk by directly addressing these issues as each department completes their portion of the restructuring plan.

Cost is always an important factor in any major workforce change; the Restructuring module outlines cost implications for all plans and variations, enabling you to make educated decisions and reports.

Analyse, transform, and take action

Don't waste time running manual reports to help you make informed decisions. Important analytics should always be at your fingertips when you need them.

Our software provides analytics instantly, precisely and any variations on your data can be tweaked and re-modelled to guide you toward the most appropriate workforce decisions.

Analyse, transform, and take action
Why digital Workforce Planning, not paper?

Why digital Workforce Planning, not paper?

The advantages of a PeopleStreme Workforce Planning system over manual methods are many, here are some benefits to consider:

  • ‍Instant and real time visibility of up and coming workforce shortages, so you can plan and address these issues.
  • All your data is in one, easy to access location — no more messy spreadsheets!
  • Built to encourage high involvement by line management, this helps line management buy-in to help deliver the workforce strategy.
  • Much quicker to deploy and manage then cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • All hosted by us, accessible anywhere where you have internet access.

Configured to suit you!

We know how important it is that your employees feel comfortable when things change, so we let you customise your new HR platform to match your colours, logo, rating scales, manager roles & more!

And yes, these changes are all easily managed by you and come standard with any PeopleStreme platform!

Custom branding for your HRIS System

Manage your employees the easy way.

All PeopleStreme HR software comes with the following benefits...

HR Help Desk Support
Support when you need it

All PeopleStreme help, support, project management and meetings all occur within your normal business hours.

Client Satisfaction
Client Satisfaction: 96%

We regularly survey our users on our Help Desk response, resolution times and general satisfaction with our products.

Customer Success
Customer Success

Our Customer Experience Team helps you get the very best out of your software and ultimately help your end users succeed.

HR Project Management
We own all our projects

We don't rely on 3rd Parties to deploy our software, we do it ourselves. Why? So you get the best possible outcome, every time.

Change Management
Change Management

Our Manager Workshops ensure your employees know the benefits of your project and how it will help them achieve greatness!

HR Administrator Training
Administrator Training

Our training is personally delivered by us and is guaranteed to get you up and running in half the time as the other vendors.

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