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PeopleStreme's suite of people management tools enables you to develop and grow your employees for long term success.

Everything you need to manage great people

Our suite of online people management solutions are intuitive and easy to use, which frees up your time so you can focus on what matters most: setting goals for your employees and achieving success! Plus, all PeopleStreme software is seamlessly integrated, so data entered once, is instantly accessible across the entire suite.
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Why choose us for your people management?

Choosing PeopleStreme for your Performance Management, Learning & Development, Compliance Training and Talent Management will ensure future success for your organisation!
Easy User Experience
Intuitive Interface

You don't need to be tech savvy to use our systems. Our team works around the clock to ensure ease of use at all times!

Keyboard data entry
Only Enter Data Once

All of our HR systems are connected, so your employees' info is accessible across all systems within our HR Suite.

Employee Succession Plans
Set up Succession Plans

Career growth is important to your employees, show them you care with carefully crafted succession plans

Strong Employer Brand
Strong Employer Brand

A strong employer brand can help you attract and retain the best people, and give you a valuable competitive edge!

Align employee goals and plans in a HR system
Align Goals and Plans

Align employee KPIs, plans and development activities with your organisation's strategies.

Better employee coaching and feedback
Better coaching and feedback!

Enable better conversations between your managers and employees with our Patented VQTQ method!

Our all-in-one integrated HR software.

Our suite of employee management systems all connect instantly, making light work of big data!

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