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Performance Management software icon
Performance Management

Set effective objectives for your staff, align to the corporate strategy, increase discretionary effort and link to remuneration.

Learning & Development software icon
Learning & Development

Drive and report on compliance to lessen risk; Schedule, track and report on your employees' development.

Competency Management icon
Competency Management

Assign competencies, generate competency gaps and link to development plans.

Employee Engagement Survey icon
Employee Engagement

How engaged are your employees? Understand and increase engagement and increase your bottom line!

Employee talent retention icon
Talent & Retention

Manage your talent and help reduce the risk and impact of losing key employees.

Recruitment software icon

Quickly engage potential candidates and develop comprehensive applicant databases! Reduce cost, time to hire and early stage attrition.

Performance Management Software on an iPad

Performance Management

Make it simpler and easier to facilitate ongoing feedback, manage performance reviews and establish a culture of high productivity, with a solution that aligns, engages and inspires your people to succeed.

Set employee plans, KPIs and goals icon
Set goals that achieve long-term success

Boost employee productivity, profitability and engagement through meaningful, constructive and ongoing performance management.

Increase employee work alignment icon
Increase engagement and align to strategies

Align your workforce with your organisation's strategic plans to drive a substantial productivity improvement!

eRecruitment software on an iPad


Attract and engage your new hires with a seamlessly integrated recruiting & onboarding experience, including instant visibility and tracking, to accelerate recruitment process and boost your business outcomes.

Easy recruiting icon
Recruit more efficiently

Unlike a paper-based system, you'll never lose track of data ever again. Cost & time to fill, applicant status are instantly available at any time.

Post jobs online easily icon
Post jobs easily

Job requisition, approval, posting, reference checks, etc are now easier than ever before and all available at the touch of a button.

Learning & Development software on an iPad

Learning & Development

Develop a highly skilled & engaged workforce with a focussed learning solution that connects on-the-job learning, mentoring, and formal learning activities directly to your business strategy, for BIG results.

Visibility of course completition
Full visibility

It's now easier than ever to see exactly how all your employees are progressing toward their learning objectives and certifications.

Real-time HR course reports
Real-time reporting

Track, report, manage costs, duration, attendance, scores and more on all of your formal and online learning programs.

Ministry of Manpower

"Organisations that value their people as “human capital” and invest in their development will be better-positioned to take advantage of emerging opportunities."

Ministry of Manpower
Singapore Government

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Take advantage of the Enterprise Development Grant

PeopleStreme works with HR consultants as a technology partner to help organizations like yours grow through Human Capital development.
Diagnosis and gap analysis of your company
Development of a strategic roadmap, business frameworks, policies or processes
Recommendations and plans for implementation

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Optimised for Financial Services

With 16+ unique Human Capital Management modules specifically-tailored for Financial Services companies, we've got you covered!

Intuitive HR software
Easy and intuitive to use

Our Research & Development Team has built a system that's so intuitive, our Help Desk team sometimes feel lonely.

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Accessible anywhere your users are

All of our software is designed and tested to work flawlessly on your smart devices.

eLearning Compliance Course on an iPad

Client Case Studies

We're proud of what we do, and our clients are too! See what all the fuss is about below.

Queensland Country Bank
Pitcher Partners Perth

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