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Ascender is an international Human Capital Management and Payroll software company, specialising in the development of technology to support Human Resources initiatives.

Serving over 1.3 million customer employees and over 1,400 global brands and listed companies across a range of different industries, we provide integrated HR and payroll software and outsourced services with platforms developed and maintained in house. Headquartered in Australia, we have 900+ staff across 12 offices throughout APAC who have local payroll and HR knowledge and expertise across 7 languages, providing solutions to 31 country legislations.

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Our Purpose and Mission

Our purpose is to support our clients to put their people first and unlock the full potential of their workforce. We do this by developing and delivering HR and Payroll software and services across Asia Pacific.

Our People

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Our Core Beliefs

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We believe that employee engagement drives customer advocacy which leads to better business performance.

We believe technology trends are fundamentally changing how people work and how employees interact with employers.

We believe Payroll and HR solutions can use these trends to help employers provide a richer, more meaningful interactions with their employees.

We believe that people are our most valuable asset and will always be at the heart of Payroll and Human Capital Management.

We believe that local expertise is essential to successfully delivering payroll and HCM solutions.

Our Values

People First

We understand people are not simply an input into our business, they are our business. We collaborate to build strong morale and positive spirit in our teams. We celebrate diversity and uniqueness while providing a rewarding and engaging working environment for all.

Client Focused

Great relationships are the source of our success. We aspire to provide the highest levels of customer service by listening to and empathising with our clients, by providing superior solution quality, and by caring deeply about helping them succeed.


We trust each other to do our jobs and to act with integrity no matter the cost. We are open, honest, tell it like it is and always strive to do the right thing.

"I've been very impressed with the culture Lyle and Peter have fostered here at PeopleStreme. They clearly care about their employees and do everything in their power to help them succeed".

Rob Cassidy | Sales Manager

Our Certifications

Information privacy and protection are crucial to us, so to reflect our commitment to this, we have been accredited as a Microsoft Certified Partner and have secured two ISO certifications.
ISO International Standards ensure that our services are reliable and of the highest quality. These world-class specifications have been developed by experts from around the globe.

Environmental Sustainability

Ascender PeopleStreme is working towards reducing the organisational impact on the environment so that future generations can enjoy the world as we have.

As our contribution to reducing our carbon footprint, Ascender PeopleStreme will develop performance objectives for your environmental sustainability initiative, at no charge to you. Has your CEO considered that helping the business succeed can have a positive impact on the environment?

Internal Environmental Measures

We have established an internal commitee to monitor and report on our environmental impact and improvements.

We have taken specific measures to reduce our footprint as follows :

  • Our office premises have movement sensors which cause the office lights to turn off when there is no activity.
  • We have replaced our computer room airconditioning system with a more power efficient system which continually monitors temperature and adjusts it's own output and power consumption accordingly.
  • We recycle more than 95% of the cardboard and paper we use.

Environmental Stewardship

Ascender PeopleStreme is making an effort to change the way we work but also to help our customers reduce their ecological footprint. We are actively pursuing this strategy in two ways :

  1. Our software provides a compliance framework for organisations to help ensure that managers and employees can all be made accountable for environmental sustainability.
  2. ‍We are producing specific measures and objectives for use in our software, to make it easier for managers to set environmental goals for their teams.

Indirect Environmental Benefits

The automation of business processes can have a large impact on the reduction of paper use. There is also an environmental cost to manufacture and dispose of computers and in power useage but this is a requirement of the modern age and we are helping make better use of these environmental costs.

The Environmental Journey

We recognize that we have much further to go and we are keen to learn from others who can help meet the joint objectives of organisation and environmental sustainability. We are already working with some of our customers towards this goal.

We continue to actively extend our environmental management measures and practical targets on an ongoing basis.

Ascender PeopleStreme OH&S policy

All Ascender PeopleStreme staff are encouraged to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

This is accomplished through a variety of means and OH&S plays a key-role in our delivery. We strive to provide an office environment which minimizes hazardous conditions such as chemicals, heavy machinery or power sources. Our pro active approach to the prevention of staff injury and illness ensures our continued success and therefore the success of our valued clients. Additionally, we urge our staff to suggest ways of improving their workplace safety.

Ascender PeopleStreme is pro active in ensuring that any injury or illness related threat is immediately managed by the officers of the company.

Studies have shown that recuperating employees who are given a light workload and allowed to interact with their workmates often have a far quicker and better recovery than otherwise. During recuperation, PeopleStreme provides office computer connectivity to the homes of staff. Those staff who might have some temporary illness or injury but are willing to work are able to continue to be employed and fulfilled in their work rather than being bored at home or losing touch with their workmates and clients. We make a great effort to return staff to work as soon as practicable even if a full recovery has not been completed. This strategy invariably leads to greater cooperation, better morale, and greater productivity.

At Ascender PeopleStreme health and safety management is the province not just of the officers of Ascender PeopleStreme but also that of every single staff member.

We that individuals and teams  within Ascender PeopleStreme maintain OH&S standards and make an effort to support the health and safety of all of our staff. The layout and structure of our office environment is a key element of our OH&S policy and appropriate office design values are constantly being incorporated into our workplace.

Ascender PeopleStreme is aware of its compliance requirements under the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 1985, its subordinate regulations and codes of practice, including the regulations for:

1. Manual handling

2. Plant safety

3. Confined spaces

4. The new Occupational Health and Safety Incident Notifications Regulations 1997

We continue to work closely with clients who have special OH&S requirements at particular sites. In conjunction with our clients, Ascender PeopleStreme ensures that specific client OH&S processes and procedures are adhered to through co-developed induction courses and documentation. In addition, project specific OH&S risks are considered and our policies and procedures are adopted as the situation requires.

Ascender PeopleStreme's values

We have a strong commitment to organisational excellence!

PeopleStreme was acquired by Ascender HCM in 2019 with the goal of enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of their workforce, through a holistic payroll and HCM technology offering.Ascender PeopleStreme specialises in all facets of Human Capital Management systems.

We help organisations close the gap between what they are doing and what they could be doing through implementing HRIS  solutions and management training that we have refined over the past 15 years. 

Our aim is to unlock the full potential of your organisation's workforce and increase the profitability of your employees, through higher engagement and tighter alignment to your business goals.

Our five strengths

1. Industry Knowledge

Ascender PeopleStreme has a number of industry optimised versions of its software as well as consultants who specialised in each of them. We understand that each industry faces their unique set of challenges and therefore have different requirements.

2. We have built our own organisations

The personal experience of our principals has been invaluable. They have been leaders for and built organisations with hundreds of staff and have seen HR challenges first hand - employee engagement, employee retention, performance appraisal, competency library frameworks and so on. 

3. We help you build your business case

Did you know that more than 80% of HR funding gets deferred or declined? The HR department now has the lowest level of discretionary spending but this is all changing. We help business leaders understand that an investment in their people is able to be returned tenfold in a very short time. This helps us to help you get access to the funding you need to make your Human Resources project a success.

4. Guarenteed deployment program

Our Guaranteed Deployment Program guarantees our customers get what they asked for. Our project management team are experts in HR process, deployment and change management. They have rolled out multi-million dollar projects as well as small projects. We have no 'B' team.

5. We partner with your HR department

After years of cost cutting, today's Human Resources department is stretched to the limit. Between dealing with payroll, recruitment issues and putting out industrial relations fires, Human Resources professionals have little time to be pro-active in helping the organisation achieve maximum value and engagement from its Human Capital and HR systems.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Lyle Potgieter
Chief Executive Officer

Lyle is CEO and co-founder of PeopleStreme. He has worked with many Top 500 organisations as well as Federal, State and Local Government organisations.

Peter Vlant
Chief Operating Officer

Peter is is COO and co-founder of PeopleStreme. He is responsible for the delivery and sustainability of all PeopleStreme products.

Fionn O'Keeffe
Chief Financial Officer

Fionn is the CFO for PeopleStreme. His role encompasses management of all financial functions of this company which has domestic and international operations.

Arthur Petronzio
Chief Information Officer

An accomplished senior manager with strong commercial acumen and highly skilled in developing and implementing strategic programs of work, aligning technology initiatives with business goals.

Rob Cassidy
Sales Manager

Rob manages our domestic and international sales teams, ensuring alignment across the company.

David Adamson
General Manager

David is PeopleStreme's General Manager & Executive Consultant with over 25 years’ experience in sales, business development and key account management.

Dale Smalley
Chief Software Architect

Dale heads up the innovation department of our software team. His role to make sure we deliver what our customers want.

Our Department Team

Jean Paul Ho Fi

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Software Development

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Skye Gargan
Customer Experience

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Tom McGovern
Software Research

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Vicky Dimitriadi
Project Implementation

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Daniel Spinello
Sales Excellence

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Since 2001, PeopleStreme has been developing world-leading solutions in Human Capital Management and currently has one of the largest integrated suites of HCM solutions in the world.

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Our software caters to a variety of industries and organisational needs and can be tailored to suit all organisational needs and outcomes.

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