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HR Software by PeopleStreme

PeopleStreme cloud-based HR software

Human Resource Technology for better employee management.

PeopleStreme HR Software is a complete suite of modular Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), which provide many easy solutions for dealing with everyday challenges facing Human Resource departments.

Our HR software facilitates more effective workforce management and releases much needed time so that critical payroll, recruitment and industrial relations issues can be dealt with more effectively.

Human Capital professionals can then become more proactive in helping their organisations achieve maximum value from its HR Management systems and can better facilitate Employee Engagement. With record low unemployment and a generational shift in the workforce, many HR professionals find it difficult to cope with the introduction of HRIS technology and this is where PeopleStreme has built an extraordinary reputation.

PeopleStreme understands what is needed to really make a Human Capital initiative work. We have a near 100% relicense rate and a significant amount of our work is through referral.

PeopleStreme HR Software Solutions covers all your employee needs, from hire to retire.

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