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The PeopleStreme HR Consultation Team

PeopleStreme Professional Services

When it comes to our customers, their success is our success. PeopleStreme provides a range of Human Resources consulting services either standalone or as part of a complete Talent Management software or HRIS. Our HR Consulting Services acts as a true partner to your HR team, providing product training, implementation assistance, best-practice and ongoing support.

What professional services do you provide?

Executive and Manager Performance Management Workshops

PeopleStreme has the management consulting and objectives training skills to help you conduct Performance Management and Appraisal processes more effectively. If managers need training at setting performance objectives, they are not truly accountable and there is little point in setting up a Performance Management culture or installing automated software.

We provide this critical "training-in" because our expertise has come about through our work with many large organisations to deploy high performance management systems.

Target Audience and Learning Outcomes

This workshop is intended to teach the hard skills of writing objectives, which most management training courses do not provide. For example, writing objectives which are specific, relevant and time bound and measuring against these objectives for quality and alignment to strategy. In doing so managers will be able to use their new objectives writing skills to better develop high performing teams.

Administrator Training and Super User Training

In order that you get the most value from our systems, we provide administrator training to help make it as easy as and as cheap as possible for you to support your users. This significantly improves how quickly you can respond to user enquiries, how well users interact with our system and significantly lowers your cost because our systems are so flexible.

Super User Training is a program which teaches you how to conduct your own user training. It can have a significant impact on the content of the training as well as making it much more cost effective.

User Training and Online Learning

If you prefer us to do the user training, we have two methods of delivery. First, we can conduct user training in large workshops in two hour sessions. This encourages user feedback and we are able to handle manager and employee concerns on the spot.

Alternately, we can provide online learning, which we co-develop with you, and roll this out using our own or your learning management system. This means users can learn in their own time and it is less disruptive across the business.

Project Management

We provide full project management support for all projects. Whether our assistance is required for software customisation, HR content, business logic or workflow analysis, good project management will keep your project on time and on budget.

Change Management

Many projects fail because the business does not understand the "Why?" of what the project is about. This must be communicated in proper business language to the managers who are, ultimately, the custodians of the project outcomes. In the absence of this communication, participation rates fall to between 30%-35% because managers don't understand why they need to follow the new process.

Implementation Services

We assist organisations in eliminating unnecessary administration overheads. Most often this means accessing data which resides on other systems including payroll or other HRIS systems.

Our services include:

  • ‍Payroll/HRIS interface to reduce administration
  • Data Modelling and Sourcing
  • Data Migration Planning - from one source to another
  • Report Planning
  • Software Customisation – Scope, Costing and Delivery
  • Creating job descriptions and aligning them with the organisation's objectives and organisations needs
  • Competency Modelling and Competency Framework design

Support Services

Unlike our foreign competitors, PeopleStreme provides an after sales support service which is local and culturally relevant. Bug reporting and design changes are therefore fixed with much higher speed, accuracy and courtesy.

Integration Services

ERP, Payroll and Line-Of-Business software is linked to our systems as part of our project. In depth technology consulting services are provided by our outsource partner INSTA Intelligence Technologies, which specialises in these technology areas.

Business Case Development

PeopleStreme has significant expertise at developing the business case, having run our own significant businesses for many years. We are able to help you construct a business case specifically tailored to your own organisational needs and with your own financial criteria, suitable for your business leader or finance officer.

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